CDD Survey: NPP Can Break Eight-Year Cycle in 2024, says Gyampo

05 Sep 2021
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Ransford Gyampo, an associate professor in the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana, has stated that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) can break the eight-year power cycle in 2024.

Gyampo, however, said achieving the feat is dependent on how the governing party welcomes the outcome of the latest survey conducted by the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD). 

The report which sampled the views of over 2000 Ghanaians from all 16 regions of the country between 23 May and 3 June shows 62% of Ghanaians are not confident government can tackle corruption.

“While Ghanaians are split (48% vs. 48%) on the government’s ability to ensure that rule of law is upheld in the next four years, majority are not confident in its ability to protect the country’s financial resources (53%) and curb corruption and official impunity (62%),” the survey said.

Speaking with Kojo Mensah on The Asaase Breakfast Show on Friday (3 September), Prof Gyampo said the outcome is the reason why the NPP lost seats in Parliament.

“… It is good for the NPP that this thing has come up now, if they are thinking of breaking the eight-year cycle, and if they really mean business. Looking at the timing, if I were them, I will seize the opportunity to begin to do something drastic.”

Gyampo added: “You can do one thing today and it changes the way people think about you. So if they will take this in good faith and begin to work on them in the next six months to one year, I am sure they will be making giant strides in their quest to think about breaking the eight-year cycle.”

Positive response
He said he is, however, impressed with the reaction of the NPP to the survey. “I commend their attitude and response to this,” he said.

CDD report
The findings among others, however, reveal 57% of Ghanaians have no confidence in the government to expand the One District One Factory (1D1F) initiative across the country.

Touching on the 2020 elections, the report blamed the reduction of the president’s vote on his own performance and that of NPP MPs.

“A cumulative 58% attributed the reduction in President Nana Akufo-Addo’s vote margin to the president’s policy decision and actions (cited by 21%), his MPs’ and appointees’ performance (19%), as well as the president’s performance (18%).

“Respondents attributed the loss of seats by the NPP to the non-performance of the NPP and its MPs (33%), as well as the party’s bad campaign strategy (24%),” the CDD report added.

The report, however, attributed the gains the NDC made in the parliamentary elections to the non-performance of the NPP MPs (22%) and the NDC’s campaign strategy (15%).








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